GIFIIP’s Green Sukuk Initiative developed the “Green Sukuk Training Program”, aiming to support Islamic financiers and impact investors build capacity for seizing new investment opportunities in the sustainable development area. It also aims to educate potential Green Sukuk issuers and other relevant stakeholders on the fundamentals of Sukuk and the legal framework of Green Sukuk.

The program is structured as a rigorous technical modular seminar explaining key concepts and recent developments in impact investing and Green Sukuk. It describes how impact investors and Islamic financiers can work together within a win-win framework to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and showcase best practices and potential investment opportunities in these fields. The training is organized with the participation of stakeholders from the public and private sectors.


Upon completion of the training, the participant will learn how to:

  • Identify Shariah-compliant impact investing opportunities and investor demand
  • Apply Islamic financial instruments for impact investing activities
  • Describe the distinctive characteristics of Green Sukuk
  • Understand the Green Sukuk ecosystem
  • Ecosystem and the potential opportunities, challenges, and obstacles
  • Prioritize sectors and projects for Green Sukuk issuance
  • Explain the Shariah and regulatory framework applicable to Green Sukuk Market
  • Examine the various structures of Green Sukuk and their underlying contracts
  • Examine and measure the impact of Green Sukuk and trading analysis -post-distribution
  • Design a Green Sukuk Framework
  • Assess the compliance of Green Sukuk
  • Formulate legal documentation for Green Sukuk
  • Assess the pricing of Green Sukuk


MODULE 1 – Impact Investing: The Role of Financiers and Investors in Development

MODULE 2 – Islamic Financial Instruments and Contracts for Impact Investing

MODULE 3 – Islamic Green Finance: Development, Ecosystem, and Prospects

MODULE 4 – Introduction to Social Impact Sukuk & Green Sukuk as a mode of Financing

MODULE 5 – Thematic Sukuk: Opportunities & Trends

MODULE 6 – Difference between various Green Sukuk Structures and Green bonds

MODULE 7 – SDGs and the Evolving Sukuk Landscape

MODULE 8 – Guiding Principles and Framework of Green Sukuk

MODULE 9 – Case Studies & Best Practices